Saturday, 3 March 2018

And Still We Stand Back Meekly

I spend a lot of my time reading blogs on the internet. In fact, I read a LOT of blogs that I find on the internet. Those blogs cover a massive range of subjects, from politics, to public health, to science & technology and even some that deal with conspiracy theories. Some I read from amusement, some for information purposes, while I read some simply so I can get an alternative viewpoint that I can try to understand – whether I agree with it or not.

But a common theme that comes through on a lot of these blogs concerns the closing down of different things. There is always some law or regulation being promoted in the news to shut something down. Be it a habit, a behaviour, a certain type of speech, a business, a premise or a political argument. 

Have we really developed into such a ‘snowflake’ world that we have to campaign to shut something down just because we happen to not like it ?  Whatever that ‘something’ may be ?

What happened to tolerance ?    

What happened to common sense ?  

What happened to self-choice/enlightenment ? 

What happened to progress ?

Society across the world is becoming more and more authoritarian. They usually become this way as a result of concerted campaigns by somebody with a bee-in-their-bonnet about some aspect of human behaviour they do not like. More often than not, that lobbying comes from within the ‘Public Health’ lobby.

Throughout the 20th century, we saw various health bodies lobbying Government to introduce more and more taxes on legal goods like alcohol and tobacco. As the century wore on, those taxes were slowly ramped up more and more until we quickly got to the situation that alcohol and tobacco bought in Britain was far and away the most expensive country. Then others (Australia quickly springs to mind) jumped on the same bandwagon and pretty soon so did other countries. The result being a kind of competition between a number of countries as to who can lay claim to having the highest taxes on these products – all gleefully trumpeted and promoted by the ‘Public Health’ bodies in each of these countries as some kind of achievement. Meanwhile, the people got poorer.

The breweries, the tobacco industry, and the various licensing bodies all offered minimal resistance.

...and the people stood back meekly.

Not content, with pushing up taxes on these products, the next thing that Public Health did was push to introduce a ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces. Private businesses suddenly became public spaces. Instantly, bingo halls, snooker halls, pubs, clubs etc started closing down as a result. In a trickle at first, but the closures are increasing year on year. Once again, Public Health gleefully shouted from the rooftops about how proud they were of their achievements and what success they were.

Jobs were lost, business closed. Yet the breweries, the tobacco industry, and the various licensing bodies all offered minimal resistance.

...and the people stood back meekly.

Now Public Health are ready to go to the next level. Emboldened by their ‘successes’ in tobacco control, they quickly realised they had found a ‘winning formula’. Tobacco Control tactics are quickly being employed to other areas that Public Health can see as attracting more money to their coffers.

They have successfully argued for Minimum Unit Pricing on alcohol in Scotland – though already they are saying that 50p is not enough (we can all see where that is leading). The Scottish LTA has said it ‘welcomes’ the proposals (talk about turkeys voting for Christmas). It is looking extremely likely that same measure will come into force in Wales. It will then be only a matter of time before England also follows suit.

...and the people stood back meekly.

You can hardly accuse Public Health of being short-sighted though. They have already realised that curbing smoking and drinking will have a detrimental effect on their coffers as less and less taxes are raised from these products as fewer and fewer people buy them.
Next April will see the very first sugar tax introduced. This will again be heralded by the Public Health community as a great success. It is only a matter of time before a salt tax is introduced. That will be quickly followed by a tax on fast foods. Hospitals are beginning to refuse to treat people who are overweight. They are threatening to refuse to treat people who refuse to give up smoking. How long before the first mutterings of refusing to treat people who drink alcohol ?

People, it is time to make a stand.

It does not matter if you are a smoker, non-smoker, drinker, non-drinker, vaper, non-vaper, sweet-toothed, non-sweet-toothed etc. They are coming for you all.

The time for being nice and holding the hands of Public Health while gently trying to persuade them 'not to be so silly' and change direction are past. These people are blinded by the fortunes they make by telling us what we can and cannot eat/drink/consume (just look up that astronomical wages these people earn). They are not going to give up those comfortable lifestyles. Most of them seem to spend their lives moving between different public health forums and conferences (nary a week goes by without some form of Public Health conference occurring somewhere), sometimes jetting off to somewhere exotic, but always to stay in plush 5 star hotels at yours (and my) expense. 

The only thing these people understand is when they have the public 'in their faces'. We need to be campaigning for shut-down of a different kind. We need to be campaigning to shut down these tax-spongers who serve no real purpose in our society. We need to be closing down the careers of these people who contribute NOTHING to the well being and succesful functioning of our society. All that Public Health does is close down, or seriously hamstring, legitimate businesses. Businesses that bring money, employment and prosperity to our society. Shutting down Public Health would instantly free up all the resources our NHS needs. Shutting down Public Health would allow business, society and the economy to fully function, unhindered, making a happier and, ironically, HEALTHIER society.

How will you feel in a future where there are no traditional pubs ?   Where the only place you can buy alcohol will be at state-regulated eating premises that just happen to have a bar (and everything you eat and consume in them will have state-mandated warning labels on them). The food they serve will be bland and tasteless because all the nutricious fats, sugars and salts have been removed from the cooking (and eating) process.

Like a takeaway ?  Well you will have to travel several miles to find those as they will all be situated several miles outside of Town (to ensure none of our cheeldren are tempted to visit them) and ALL will be prohibited from selling any condiments with them. All of them will also be subject to stringent tests as to how the food is cooked and what ingredients are used.
If this bleak, sanitised and empty view of the world of the future scares you, then it should and is intended to. Because that is exactly where we are headed in our future if we do not put a stop to it.

EVERYTHING that we eat, drink or consume in that future will massively expensive due to the taxes we will have to pay on them (they will have to find the money to fund our ‘dear old NHS’ from somewhere once the taxes from tobacco and alcohol dry up).

It is time that we realised that Public Health are NOT our friends. Public Health has very little to do with actual health. It is ALL simply an ideology. All that Public Health is concerned with is the accumulation of more and more money to oil the carefully lubricated wheels of their fake industry. Public Health has grown from a tiny enterprise at the start of the 20th Century into a massive behemoth that rivals any so-called ‘Big Business’ they rail against in size. 

The difference is that Big Buinesses make their own money by making and selling us products that we actually want. Public Health on the other hand makes no money whatsoever and is actually a considerable DRAIN on our society. Their aim is to deny us the products that we actually want.

For proof, simply look at the money that is poured into the various public health bodies in the UK alone. Every single penny that they receive is given to them by the government, and every single one of those pennies the Government has taken from us – forcibly. Then when you have looked closely at the money poured into the UK Public Health bodies (and wept), take a look at the absolutely eye-watering amounts of money our Government give annually to the World Health Organisation, then multiply that with the number of countries that exist in the world (and also contribute to the WHO) to see an astronomical sum of money that even the largest business corporations on the planet could only dream of generating.

Do NOT expect anyone else to do this for you. As we have already seen in the tobacco and alcohol industries, those business will not stand up for us. They will just surrender meekly and kow-tow to what the Public Health lobbies want to do.

Public Health is a massive (and world-wide) scam. A massive Ponzi scheme that can be brought crashing down by we, the people, simply waking up. It is an industrial scale con-trick and it is about time we woke from our slumbers and claimed our lives back.


  1. Couldn't agree more - but how? When the smoking ban came in the more clued-up smokers were warning that it was just the start of a determined, continuing assault and warning non-smokers that they'd be targetted. Most smokers just adapted to the ban or switched to vaping and many non-smokers continued to express relief that they didn't have to go home "smelling like an ashtray". I wonder if any remember the warnings from smokers now that they're targets too? But how to fight such a powerful group like Public Health? If every MP received an avalanche of letters from their constituency then they might listen but how to galvanise people?


    1. Thanks to taking the time to read.

      The first thing is to get organised and to stop all the petty in-fighting between all the different 'factions'. Public Health does not care whether you are a smoker, drinker, fast-food connoiseur, pop-fanatic or none of the above. They are coming for all of us. The sooner we realise it the better. Once organised, the political parties start paying more attention to us because they want our votes. Then we can top dogs controlling the tail rather than be the dog being wagged by the tail.

  2. "Next April will see the very first sugar tax introduced. This will again be heralded by the Public Health community as a great success. It is only a matter of time before a salt tax is introduced"

    I keep seeing a charity advert for Yemen in which they keep starving children alive with a solution of water, sugar and salt.

    And yet various lobby groups insist that sugar is just empty calories and salt is very bad for you and will give you heart attacks.

    I wonder who will win.