Thursday, 12 November 2015

From The Absurd To The Ridiculous - The (Bumbling) Madness of Mark Drakeford

The longer the saga of Mark Drakeford's ridiculous plans to ban ecigs in enclosed public spaces, the more absurd his 'evidence' and plans become. So much so that even the most fervent Labour AM must surely now be questioning the wisdom, if not the sanity, of the Health Minister.

Because all the evidence in the UK works against his proposals, he chooses to use (discredited) studies from the USA to try and shore up his plans. Even last week he was at it again, using discredited USA studies as 'evidence' to back his stance. I am not going to go through what was in his written evidence, rather Alan Beard has summed it up rather nicely here so I would advise you to go and read it for yourself.

On top of that, some of the biggest names in Public Health and Tobacco Research (such as Profs John Britton, Peter Hajek & Linda Bauld) have all recently appeared in front of the Health & Social Care Committee and told them why it would be wrong to ban eCigarettes in enclosed public spaces. Despite this, Drakeford still claimed (in front of the HSCC) that these eminenent people did not know what they are talking about and that he knows better.

The latest episode (reported here ) means that Welsh Vapers could find themselves up in court for vaping in their OWN home. Yes, you did read that right. You could be happily vaping away in the comfort of your home, but if you receive call from work on your mobile phone or happen to receive an email from work whilst at home, it will turn your home into a workplace. Therefore, you can then expect the local council enforcement officers to come barging through your door and cart you off to appear before the local court to be charged with vaping in a workplace. Of course, it might not just be in your home. It could happen anywhere if you just happen to answer a work-related call or read a work-related email. 

George Orwell's 1984 anybody ?

This is how Mark Drakeford's mind works and shows just how desperate he has become in his bid to ban vaping. One can only conclude that Mark Drakeford needs serious psychiatric help as he is becoming more and more deluded as each day passes.

Fortunately, the opposition parties remain opposed to his plans. As Labour does not have a majority in the Senedd, Drakeford must rely on doing a deal with one of the opposition parties to get his Public Health Bill voted through into law. I would be very disappointed (and concerned) about any party that agreed to that.

However, if Mark Drakeford is deluded in his plans, then what does that say about any Labour AM's who still stick behind him on this ?

This is the Nanny State gone mad and is a serious assault on our personal human rights and civil liberties. The State has no right poking thier noses into our private lives. If they get away with that, they will soon be back for more powers on other things we might enjoy doing in the privacy of our homes.

I have said it before and I will say it again. Studies consistently prove that eCigarettes pose no harm to either the vaper or those in the vicinity of the vaper. Even Drakeford has been unable to refute this. So it makes his proposed ecig ban not only not-evidence-based, but also immoral and illiberal. It is also so obviously unenforceable.

eCigs save lives !!