Friday, 19 June 2015

HSCC issues the Call For Evidence

The Health & Social Care Committee has issued it's long awaited Call For Evidence in relation to the recently published Public Health Bill. I have cut and pasted the contents of the email I received and present for you to read (complete with all relevant links) and digest:

The National Assembly for Wales’ Health and Social Care Committee is calling for evidence on the general principles of the Public Health (Wales) Bill.

To assist with its consideration, the Committee would welcome your views on this subject. The Committee’s terms of reference are contained in the attached letter, and specific consultation questions are listed in Annex A for your consideration. This information is also available on the Committee’s website.

Submissions should arrive by 16.00 on Friday 4 September 2015. It may not be possible to take into account responses received after this date.

Please note that the Committee’s first oral evidence session on the Bill is scheduled to take place on 1 July 2015. The Committee will hear from the Minister for Health and Social Service, the Member in charge of the Bill, during this meeting. Dates of subsequent evidence will be available on the Bill’s webpage. You will be contacted separately should the Committee wish to invite you to give oral evidence.

It is important to note that ANYONE can respond to this Call For Evidence. You don't have be a Doctor, Professor, or hold any other such title. If you have evidence as to why Mark Drakeford is so catastrophically wrong when it comes to eCigarettes, this is your chance to have it heard.

If you are convincing enough, they may even invite you to present that evidence in person to the HSCC. This is what we have been waiting for. Don't waste the opportunity. Get your pens out and start writing. The guidance is all contained on the website. You can answer all of their questions, or you can just answer the eCig specific ones. The choice is your.

What are you waiting for ?

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