Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Vaping Advocates - Now Is Our Time

Over the coming weeks in the run-up to the 2015 General Election, we are going to have a massive opportunity to corner those (sometimes) elusive Parliamentary Candidates and get their views on the subject of eCigarettes.

They are all going to be knocking on our doors. This means for perhaps the only time, they will be coming to see US !!

What I would ask ALL vapers and vaping advocates to do is to actively engage with those Parliamentary Candidates and take the opportunity to 'bend their ears'.

We all know the scientific evidence stacks up fully in support of eCigarettes. Now we have the perfect opportunity to use that scientific evidence to our advantage.

If the Parliamentary Candidate shows no interest in the subject, then make it clear that it is an important issue to you and that it will influence your decision about who gets your vote. If they show no knowledge on the subject, then EDUCATE them. If they are against, then show them the scientific evidence and try to talk them around, again stating that it is an important issue to you and that it will influence your decision about who gets your vote.

Most Vaping Advocates run their own blogs. So use your blogs to get the word out there about which of the Parliamentary Candidates are sympathetic/supportive of eCigarettes and which of them are against.

If we all do this, then in the run-up to the General Election, we should be able to produce a list of the Parliamentary Candidates who are prepared to stand up and fight for eCigs on our behalf. That list can then be used to enlighten ALL vapers, wherever they may live, about which Parliamentary Candidates to consider supporting if you wish to protect your right to vape.

Obviously, it is not for me to decide who you should and should not vote for. That decision is yours and yours alone. I realise that supporting a candidate based on a single issue such as vaping would be daft. However, knowing the thoughts of prospective MP's on the subject of Vaping may also influence your decisions when considered with other issues that you hold dear to your heart. I know that the stance of any Parliamentary Candidate on eCigs will be a big deciding factor as to who gets my vote.

Ultimately, all I am looking to do (with the help of the vaping community) is to help everyone to understand which of the Parliamentary Candidates are supportive of eCigarettes, and which are not.

There are an estimated 2.1 million vapers in the UK. NOW IS THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD. Vaping could turn out to be a bigger bargaining chip than we realise in the run-up to the General Election. Let's grab the issue by the balls and make it a key subject on their agendas.

Remember, you may not get such an opportunity to face a prospective MP and get eCigarettes on the agenda again for 5 years. Make this opportunity count.

Thankyou !!

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